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Completion Year: 2021

Gross Built Area (m2/ ft2): 300 m2 / 3229 ft2

Project location: Parque Arboleda, Av. del Roble 660, Valle del Campestre, 66265 San Pedro Garza García, México.

Nectarworks +, is located within Parque Arboleda, a shopping center in San Pedro Garza García in México. The design process begins from a casual conversation with the owners, where it was decided to create a unique space where healthy food can be enjoyed.

The interior being 150 m2, it is designed from the existing steel structure, this being the structural element that led to the creation of the central volume, the ‘wooden hall’.


The hall was created with the intention of connecting and transitioning through the space, so that the user would feel the curiosity to discover the different areas. The place has three entrances, two at the ends and one at the side, the latter connecting directly to the terrace.

Starting from the south façade, the main entrance, is the casual dining area where you can see the black marble which gives life and space to the specialty coffee bar. Next, there is the formal dining area. where a volume subtraction is seen that allows the steel structure to be exposed and can be seen when walking to the other side of the premises. Following the trajectory, we find the grab and go area. Here you can see an inverted version of the south façade.

Steel, concrete, wood and natural stones such as marble and granite were the key materials to give life and harmony to this project that stands out for having a visual impact due to the contrast of colors used.

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