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Completion Year: 2018

Gross Built Area (m2/ ft2): 234 m2 / 2518 ft2

Project location: Ave. Revolución 2703, Col. Ladrillera. Plaza Nuevosur. Monterrey. México

Inspired by design and love for coffee, Madcoffee is a 234 m2 / 2518 ft2 specialty coffee shop project. It is located south of Monterrey, in Mexico and was designed by madarq studio in 2018 and which, to this day continues to be one of the best places to enjoy an excellent cup of coffee around the city.

The café was designed based on the conditions of the area; the idea that was sought was to create an atmosphere charged towards industrial design. To achieve this, the existing characteristic, such as the double height, the waffle slab and the two apparent concrete columns were kept intact and visible; thus playing a very important role in the design process.

It was from the decomposition of a cube and several rectangles, that the idea of ​​creating different and dynamic spaces within the place could be carried out. The coffee bar, the gallery, the bakery stand, the mezzanine, and the terrace are the different areas that make up the cafeteria.

Located at the front of the entrance, is the coffee bar which is covered in hot rolled metal plates which is connected to the wood louver tower and subsequently the mezzanine is joined on the second floor. To arrive there, it is necessary to walk all the way to the back of the store past the gallery to give a sense of flow to the space.

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